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Bachelor in Optometry

Course Overview:

According to the definition of World Council of Optometry (WCO), an organization that represents optometrists worldwide, “optometrists are the primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, detection/diagnosis and management of disease in the eye, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system”. While, an estimated 456 million people in India require vision correction (spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery) to be able to see and function, the demand for optometrists is very high and is expected to rise further in the coming years. With enormous job opportunities in India and abroad, Optometry has come out as a lucrative carrier option through which financial growth, social respect, and professional satisfaction can be achieved.

Bachelor in Optometry and Vision Science at SKFGI:

The students in the Bachelor of Optometry program at SKFGI would be exposed to a very specialized environment of learning which is based on well equipped class rooms, laboratories on optics and clinical diagnosis. In total four years of optometry trainings, the initial three years would comprise of class room teaching, lab oriented training, hand-on with optometry instruments, observation of real case studies, industrial visits, conferences and works shops. To increase the quality of diagnosis of the students, an in-house optometry clinic has been set where variety of optometry specialties including comprehensive eye care, contact lens, low vision rehabilitation, binocular vision can be practiced. In the final year of training, the student would be placed at tertiary eye care hospitals for clinical internship. Furthermore, students would be given opportunity to understand and participate in vision researches under the guidance of experienced mentors, competent in optometry and ophthalmology researches. Thus, an alumnus of SKFGI- Optometry, would not only be academically and clinically competent, but would also possess strong understanding of vision researches.

Career Anchoring Platforms:

  •  IIT Bombay Remote Centre
  •  Active Local Chapter of NPTEL
  •  IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Nodal Centre
  •  Nodal Center of MAKAUT, Kolkata

Course Details:

Course Level:
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Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics
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Career Outcome: The ability and the mindset to continuously update and innovate facilitate students with: